Getting Dressed: Remove sharp jewellery, watches etc. Ensure that the inside of the garment is generously sprinkled with talcum powder or better still a dressing aid such as  Vividress .


Washing: Wash in warm soapy water shortly after each wear. Do not soak for long periods of time to stop any metal components from rusting. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and hang up to dry, turn inside out after a short period. Lightly dust with talc so that the garment doesn’t stick to itself. Store hanging to avoid wrinkles or folded in a drawer, away from any direct light or heat and protected inside a garment cover or black plastic bag such as a bin liner. 


Polishing: Use Liquid Silicone Polisher (blue liquid). Apply with a soft, damp and ‘fluff-free’ cloth without using too much pressure to avoid scratching the surface (i.e. synthetic chamois or a J cloth) and polish up to a good shine. We also highly recommend polishers such as VIVISHINE, add a small amount to the water when rinsing for an easy all over, inside and out glossy shine and durable protection.


Gloss finish: Spray the garment with Silicone spray whilst wearing it. Shake the can well, spray evenly from 8-12” (20-25cm). Do not over spray to avoid dripping - a little goes a long way. Beware of silicone spray brands sold as lubricants for cars or machinery as they may also contain oils or other substances that could damage your rubber.


Attention!! Surface will deteriorate if exposed to heat or sunlight.

If allowed to dry by not polishing, the latex will perish loosing its shine and becoming more fragile and easier to rip. Do not tumble dry and definitely do not dry clean or iron. Oil and greases will damage rubber (Baby oil, Vaseline etc.). The contact with copper or metals containing copper will stain light colours, avoid touching copper coins. Do not allow self tanning products, perfume, hair spray or body lotions to get in contact with the garment.



By following these simple instructions you will ensure a long time of enjoyment