Perfect Latex Dressing Aid

Vividress (220 ml)

Vividress Dressing Aid 220 ml

Vividress is the ideal dressing aid for all latex and rubber clothing. It is friendly to the skin and it is very viscous to help with putting on those skin tight rubber gear. It makes the rubber slide sensuously against the skin and, as it does not run off easily the effect is long lasting.
Vividress is also ideal for semi transparent rubber as it doesn't leave visible white marks like talcum powder does. It also makes the semi transparent rubber even more transparent.
With Vividress no more skin rashes, no matter how long you wear your rubber gear!
Directions for use:
Slightly pressing the oval bottle allows to dispense Vividress directly onto the skin or latex.
Spread Vividress uniformly, put you gear on and feel the difference.
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