Perfect Latex Cleaning Disinfecting

Viviclean (250ml)

VIVICLEAN is the perfect washing lotion for latex rubber clothing and toys.

Intensive cleaning and careful treatment of latex rubber. Micro-biologically disinfecting and antibacterial. Skin compatibility dermatologically tested. Colour and perfume free. Odour- neutralising.

To prolong the enjoyment of your latex products you should clean it carefully after wearing and maintain.

 After wearing the latex hand-wash it preferably in warm water ( 30-40 ° C) and use VIVICLEAN. As dosage we recommend 15-20 ml per wash added to a few litres of water. Wash the latex for at least 2 minutes in it. Then rinse the latex with clean water thoroughly.

In case of being heavily soiled or smelly, the latex can be inserted longer (about 30 minutes) into VIVICLEAN to achieve a maximum cleaning and disinfection result.

When the latex has been dressed with a lot of VIVIDRESS or was brought to shine with lots of VIVISHINE, a second wash is recommended if necessary.

For further care use VIVISHINE and get back the long-lasting shine

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