Pictured in Black latex

Pull-on Trouser

Pictured in Black latex

Classic Jeans

Shown in white latex

Men's Leggings

Shown in Peacock latex

Commando Trousers

Pictured in White Latex

Flared Pull-On Trousers

Metallic Blue with White Buttons

Pull-On Sailor Trousers

Black with Red stripe & Red Seat

Military Jodhpurs

Red with Black trim

High Waist Breeches

Shown in Black with Met.Blue

Uniform Stripe Jeans

Shown Black latex - Metal zips

Sailor Zip Front Trousers

Pictured in Black latex

Rubber Chaps

White Latex

Zoot Suit - Trousers

Pictured in Red latex


Black with detachable panel in red

Detachable Samurai

Black Samurai & panel, White RAM

Samurai with RAM Panel

Samurai & panel black- flames red

Samurai with Flames Panel