Shown in Met.Peacock with Silver trims

Klaus Military Jacket

Semi Trans Olive - Red Trim

Moscow Shirt

Met. Blue - Black Trim

Police Shirt

Royal Blue with white trim

Military Shirt

Black with Red trims

Combat Waistcoat- Trimmed

Choice of metal badge: Cross, Star or Skull

Combat Waistcoat - Metal Badge

1-Met.Blue, 2-Black, 3-Red

RB Army Top

White with Metallic Blue Trims

Querelle Top

Metallic Blue with white buttons

Pull-On Sailor Trousers

Black- Metal Stars (Skulls). More sleeve options available.

Military Top- Stars

White Latex

Medical Top

Shown 1-Red, 2-Black, 3-Gold

Empire Military Coat

Black + White Collar

Priest Coat